Backup Your ES Files Explorer With The Best Known Plugins:

Intro:Plugins. How important are plugins when you are on the internet and are involved in some seriously critical stuff like online transaction or something? Wait, do you even know what plugins are and if they really got any importance in them, why people us them, its advantages and the like. If I were to give you an insight on what plugins are, I would say they are those additional features you could use in a web browser or a software or any programme as long as they can be used. Plugins are extensions if told in other words. According to the requirements you might want to use plugins so that you could get better utilization of what you are on hand. Further, we shall see the need to have plugins that can be used for backups. Best Backup Plugins would I throw light on.

Why would you need a plugin in the first place? The answers are many; for secure online surfing, online payment secured, and blocking malware and viruses so that you are not monitored by companies by looking in to your browsing history. There is also another reason why you might want to use plugins- for backup es file explorer. Backup means to support, help or assist and in this context it the storage of a copy of a file automatically by the system just in case there should be a loss in the data and you could retrieve it thankfully. Let us discuss more on the list of best backup plugins:

  • BackupBuddy:

Wow, sounds funny. Yes, it does but you will be surprised by the way it helps you give your files a backup. It is one of the most popular backup providing plugin for wordpress. You will have no problem as this stuff automatically goes into your customized cloud storage. There is no subscription fee which means you get upto 1 GB cloud storage to store your backups.

  • BackupWordPress:

A complete wordpress plugin that helps you schedule and create your database files. Your database files that need to be given the utmost importance for backup is the first priority and there is no compromising on that. You’ll have to choose your plan along with the cloud storage facility like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive and FTP etc.

  • Duplicator:

The name suggests what it is. You get a complete backup of all your confidential and private files that you think should be made replica of and stored securely.

  • VaultPress:

A real-time cloud backup providing premium service that is very reasonable. The reason I didn’t mention the cost is because values added to plan makes the price give an irregular graph.

  • Updraft Plus:

Yet another backup plugin that you might consider to store you files more securely for a backup. There is the free as well as the premium service. Value in the product is way more than it should actually be.

  • TemplateMonster:

Don’t you get a feeling of websites and stuff related to it when it comes to template? Or maybe I do get. Your websites are stored securely and the best part, easily. So you won’t have to go through a number of steps before you could get your files backed up.