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Berks Nature strongly supports Berks County’s number one industry, agriculture – and – the protection of our special natural areas.  To date, we have permanently preserved over 7,500 acres through conservation easements, acquisitions, and transfers; and have facilitated the protection of an additional 1300 acres in Berks County.  As important as these land preservation efforts are, we also realize that a healthy community needs economic growth.  By using our County’s Comprehensive Plan as a guide, we continue to work with municipalities to promote growth in the proper places, such as areas surrounding existing development.

As we all know, our water resources are important to everyone in Berks County – residents, businesses, and visitors alike.  We have spent the past ten years addressing our water resources and gaining support for the restoration and protection of these resources.  Our partnerships across the region in developing and implementing watershed management plans received statewide recognition, as we are a proud past-recipient of the Governor’s Award for Watershed Stewardship.  Water will always be a major issue in Berks County and we are proud to be the leaders in addressing the issue.

Berks Nature currently has 1000 members and our membership continues to grow. Currently, we have six staff members that are governed by our Board of Directors.