Here at Berks Nature, we believe nature is essential to our quality of life. Our annual summer Eco-Camp is the perfect way to pass that value down to your child/children. We’re excited to welcome campers back this summer for another season of exploration, learning, fun and nature-play at The Nature Place at Angelica Park!

Check back for our 2018 dates and topics.  Meanwhile explore last year’s themed-weeks below.

2017 Eco-Camp themes and dates:

(View a PDF of our Eco-Camp Flyer HERE)

Berks Nature’s Eco-Camp is led by a team of veteran teachers, supported by members of our staff. Click here to get to know the camp leaders your child will be working with, and then meet the Berks Nature staff.

June 12-16: Eco-Camp Then and Now
(Open to campers grades preschool and up)
Preschoolers will learn about the nature in and around the wetlands with hands-on activities. Older campers will take time to learn about the Angelica Creek and wetlands from the past, and how the area has evolved into what it is today. Both groups will take hikes and experience the wetlands and surrounding areas. Grades 6+ will also discover some of the different types of fish that inhabit the wetlands and creek, and learn how to cast a line. You may bring your own fishing equipment if you have it. All ages will help create a nature mural.

June 19-23: The Secrets of Water and Soil
(Grades kindergarten and up)
Campers will learn all about the amazing properties of soil, and how it provides life, cover, shelter and food. Learn all about water and how it’s used for drinking, playing and living. Learn about the land that water flows across, or under, on its way to a stream, river or lake, and how how it defines a watershed. All water runs to the lowest point: a stream, river or lake. On its way, water travels over several types of surfaces, such as farm fields, forests, suburban lawns and city streets, or it seeps into the soil and travels as groundwater through aquifers. The Western Berks Water Authority will be visiting us sometime this week. Be ready to play water games and get wet!

June 26-30: Fur, Scales, Wings and Bats 
(Grades kindergarten and up)
Come explore nature and see if we can find elements from all of the critters that call Angelica Park home. Explore the woods, upland/grasslands, stream, garden and wetlands to learn about all those critters and their habitats. Also, we’ll learn about bats and how important they are to us. We will be building bat boxes to place in the wetlands.
NEW: In addition to daily camp, we will be inviting campers and their families back from 7-9pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to learn and hopefully observe bats at Angelica. The two evenings are optional, but hopefully all can return for the evening excitement. Food and beverages will also be available.
Karen Campbell, an expert on bats from Albright College, will be visiting us this week.

July 10-14: Cycle-Mania! 
(Grades kindergarten and up)
Our most popular week! This week will focus on biking and bike safety, trail building as well as observational skills while riding in nature. In partnership with BAMBA (Berks Area Mountain Biking Association), campers will have a session on bike safety and care. Campers will participate in bike rodeos and short bike hikes in and around Angelica Park, so campers should plan to bring their bike to camp all week. Grades 6+ will take longer bike hikes and learn additional outdoor leadership and survival skills. This camp week was a huge success in 2016 and we look forward to another great week!

July 17-21: Raptor Camp
(Grades kindergarten and up)
A raptor camp in partnership with Red Creek Wildlife Center! Campers will enjoy live raptor experiences, learn raptor study techniques, participate in migration games and activities, learn binocular use, practice bird ID and take guided bird walks.

July 24-28: The Wetlands Through the Eyes of a Camera Lens 
(Grades kindergarten and up)
This week will consist of using digital media, including cameras, iPads and binoculars. Each day, campers will take a hike and capture the wetlands and the surrounding areas on a camera. At the end of the week, we’ll make a photography video and slide show to share with others. All campers are encouraged to bring cameras of any kind to use. Some of the best camper pictures may end up on the walls of the new Nature Place.

July 31-August 4: Critters Underground & Camouflage 
(Grades kindergarten and up)
This week will involve finding critters of all kinds, underground and camouflaged. All of the campers will be Environmental Scene Investigators (ESI). Be prepared to take hikes and dig in the soil and water to find these critters. This week we will learn who’s hiding inthe woods, trees, fields and stream. How do animals protect themselves by camouflaging into the background, and what can we do to camouflage ourselves?

August 7-11: Wild Things Camp
(Grades preschool and up)
Just like Princess Merida (Brave) and Robin Hood, these naturalists will explore the forest and learn about camouflage and survival in the wilderness. Be prepared to move and learn how to survive in the wild. Archery instruction will be held in the morning for grades 3-5, with equipment provided by a trained environmental educator from the PA Game Commission. Campers in grades K-2 will do a similar but different activity.
Grades 6+ will learn more about survival skills in the wilderness, with activities planned accordingly to fit these survival skills.

August 14-18: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
(Grades kindergarten and up)
Come learn about the 3 “R” importance, and how it impacts our wetlands and surrounding areas. This week will be filled with learning ways to help our environment by activities practicing the 3 R’s. During the week, campers will also learn how to use natural materials in the wetlands, such as common plants, soil and other items for everyday life. This will include food recipes, drinks and art projects. We are going to be creative and make things out of nature from the wetlands, and create junk art and inventions using everyday recyclables.
Campers are encouraged to  bring recyclable items from home that may be shaped, formed, or designed into something unique.

Eco-Camp FAQ

Access the 2017 Eco-Camp Handbook HERE


Preschool and up. Note: Certain camp weeks are only open to campers in grades K+. Age restrictions will be specified in camp descriptions and online registration forms.  

Snacks & Meals
Campers should bring their own lunch. Some snacks are provided.

Half-Day: $110/week
Full-Day: $210/week

A limited number of full and partial scholarships are available, based on need and available funding. Financial information and documentation is required for consideration. Click here to download our Eco-Camp Scholarship Application.   

Morning & Afternoon Extended Care
Available to all campers for $25/week. 
Morning Extended Care: Monday – Friday, Drop-off: 7:30-8:45am
Afternoon Extended Care: Monday – Friday, Pick-up: 4:15 pm – 5:3 pm
Pre-registration and payment are required for before and aftercare.

Please excuse our mess at Angelica Park while we work to build The Nature Place! Despite construction, programs and activities- including Eco-Camp!- are taking place as normal on-site. That means Eco-Camp will be held at the same location you’re used to, at our environmental education center inside Angelica Park. We’re counting down the days until we move into the all-new Nature Place, which we anticipate happening in late summer!

Registration: Now open for 2017 Eco-Camp! Register here.


For more information, contact Berks Nature at 610-372-4992 x100.