Join us for Super Saturdays at The Nature Place!

We’re making our Saturdays Super! 

Join us for two special days, jam-packed with learning activities- and FREE to attend!

Super Saturdays at The Nature Place run July 28th and August 4th- simply drop-in, no registration required! 
You can see our bees and turtles in action, discover what lies beneath the water in Angelica Creek, and be the detective in your own Nature Scene Investigation!

Each Super Saturday will follow this schedule:

10:00: Visit our Honeybees! You’ll have the chance to watch our hive in action, and leave with a few fun facts to BEE-f up your bee knowledge!
11:00: Turtle Time: Get to know our rescued 3-toed Eastern Box Turtles! Weather-permitting, we may even take them out on the lawn to stretch their turtle legs and explore.
Noon: Creek Adventure! Come cool down with us as we explore Angelica Creek and the wildlife that calls it home.
1:00: Nature Scene Investigation: You’ll be the detective, looking for clues and discovering the unseen animals of Angelica Park.
2:00: Story Time in the Park: Come out & enjoy a story around Angelica Park, as we go page to page.