Nature Preschool

Berks Nature is excited to open our own Nature Preschool in January 2018! Stop by The Nature Place to meet Nature Preschool Director Anne Muvdi, and learn more about this unique offering for your child.
Meet Anne HERE! 

Join us in kicking off the opening of Berks Nature Preschool- Growing Up Wild Monday Berks Nature Preschool begins January 22!

This weekly introduction is a great way to familiarize your family on what our Nature Preschool can offer your child.
Runs January 22- May 21, Mondays, 9am- 3pm
$50/per child, per Monday
*Students must be registered by the Wednesday before the Monday they attend*

Enrolling now for full-time Berks Nature Preschool, opening in September!


Interested in registering your child for Nature Preschool, or learning more about our program? Contact Berks Nature today at 610-372-4992 x100!